We receive many requests for donations each year and while we cannot honor each one specifically, we would like to do our best to give something to each organization that sends a request. We ask that you email us at least 4 weeks and no earlier than 12 weeks prior to the event at


The following information must be included in the body of the email (NOT as an attachment) in order for the request to be considered:

  • Name of Organization (must be included in subject line)
  • Event (must be included in subject line)
  • Date of Event (must be included in subject line)
  • Description of Event

Please send the request in the body of the email, not as an attachment and add the name of the school and event date in the subject line. All information above should be included in the request. Please do not duplicate or mail in requests. Donations will be accommodated in the order of event and available for pick-up at the farm.

Harvest Festival Volunteer

Is your school or non-profit group interested in being a part of our Fall Harvest Festival Volunteer Program? Sign up your group to volunteer during our Fall Harvest Festival and receive a donation for your participation. Email today!