Work At Port Farms


Are You Looking For A Fun, Exciting Place To Work?

We Offer:
  • A Fun Work Environment
  • Flexible Hours
  • On the Job Training
  • Free Season Passes for Immediate Family
  • Employee Discounts
We Are Looking For Employees Who Are…
  • Dedicated
  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Willing to Learn New Skills
  • Ages 15 and Up
  • Team Player
  • Hardworking

Our seasonal, part-time and full-time positions offer the perfect flexibility for all ages. We are looking for ages 15 and up. Our Fall Festival offers up to 12 weeks of employment from September through October. We are a great place to work for students, college students, moms and dads, retired folks, teachers or just looking for some part-time work.

Job Categories


Our retailing jobs require good customer service skills, outgoing personality, and the ability to run the register and count money. Retail jobs on the farm would include our Sweet Shop, Trading Post, Harvest Barn, Bakery, and Admissions.

Food Service

Working at one of our food service positions could mean several different things. Our Corn Maze Hut mainly sells already prepared items from our farm and drinks. An ability to run a register and count money is going to be the main skill needed here. Our Country Kitchen and Snack Shack locations are going to require more cooking skills. We also have a Baking position available for those of you that are creative. Attention to detail is key to make sure every order goes out complete. The ability to run a register and count money may also be needed here.

Attraction Attendant

Attraction attendants work in areas like our pedal carts, jumping pillows, ball zone, apple cannons, and slides. Attendants need to be able to interact with the public and keep an eye on their safety. Rules are key for these positions and being able to instruct guests on what to do.

Blue Crew

Our blue crew team oversees maintenance on the farm. Jobs such as wiping down tables, checking trash cans, picking up litter, and cleaning restrooms are all responsibilities of each blew crew member. Blue crew members need to know their way around the farm to be able to answer questions from our guests. If you don’t like to stand around and always like something to do, this position is perfect for you.

Corn Cop

Our Corn Cops work primarily in the maze. Walking and interacting with guests are major aspects of this position. Picking up litter, fixing stamping stations, and retying the ribbon are all responsibilities. The ability to memorize our maze and be able to return a guest to the starting point is going to be the key component of this position.