Port Farms'

COVID-19 Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re thrilled that you’re thinking about a visit to Port Farms! As we prepare to welcome visitors, we understand that you might have some questions about what we’re doing to provide a safe environment for guests and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a few questions that guests have asked us.

Does Port Farms require guests to wear masks?

In order to help keep everyone safe, we’re asking our guests to wear face coverings when interacting with staff, when entering any of our buildings, and when you’re not able to properly social distance. To help keep you safe, each of our staff members must pass a health check prior to starting their shift, and we’ll be wearing masks at all times! 

How is Port Farms providing a safe, sanitary environment?

We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to keep things safe and clean. Our staff will be sanitizing eating areas, tabletops, counters, restrooms, common areas and high touch areas on the farm throughout the day. In addition, we’ve added Hand Sanitizing Stations throughout the farm, so that you can keep your hands clean and sanitized.

In addition to keeping things clean, we’re encouraging social distancing by limiting the number of farm guests, as well as configuring seating areas and lines to give our guests a comfortable amount of space.

Is Port Farms currently accepting cash payments?

Offering Port Pay; a cash to card option available at admissions at the Harvest Barn. Port Pay can be used inside the farm as well as debit card, credit card and Apple Pay. Cash will be accepted at admissions and in our store.

How did Port Farms determine their COVID-19 policy?

We created our COVID-19 guidelines in accordance with guidelines set by local, state and federal health officials. It’s important to note that our neighboring destination farms have all implemented similar policies. We all share the same goal – to give you the best and safest experience at our farms. We’re all in this together!