6 Kinds of Corporate Events and Why They’re Important for Your Team

Though it may seem counterintuitive, disrupting your everyday schedule can significantly improve productivity for you and your team. What’s more, getting into a natural environment can help boost creativity and innovation. Essentially, fresh air can help create fresh ideas.

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart a new business venture or are hoping to show your team just how much you appreciate them, you’ll want to consider hosting your next corporate event at a fun, unique location. Port Farms, a premier barn venue in northwestern Pennsylvania, is an ideal spot for your next business gathering. In this post, we lay out six common corporate events, why they’re essential for your team, and how we can help make them great.

Developing Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the combination of shared values, attitudes, and practices that define a business. It is typically an implied facet of the organization rather than something that is explicitly stated. Over time, a company’s culture develops based on the personality traits, interactions, and relationships that form among staff.

A healthy corporate culture encourages participation, reinforces the company’s values and mission, and prioritizes the well-being of its employees. Businesses that boast a healthy culture realize a variety of organizational benefits, such as:

  • Better employee retention
  • A positive reputation
  • Stronger relationships among coworkers
  • Optimal decision-making

If maintaining a healthy organizational culture is part of your business plan, consider giving your team the chance to step away from their desks and into the fresh air for a corporate event at Port Farms.

man speaking in front of a group at a corporate dinner; outdoor setting with participants seated at tables

1. Conferences

Conferences are informational gatherings that prioritize knowledge sharing, networking, and guest lectures. Whether they last only one day or extend over the course of a week, conferences bring executive leadership, employees, and other key stakeholders into the same space to work toward a shared vision. Though a local auditorium can serve as an acceptable venue, getting out for a change of scenery can turn your corporate conference into a fun, engaging day for all involved.

2. Executive Retreats and Meetings

An efficient team of top-level executives is crucial to running a successful company. As such, it’s critical to keep those stakeholders happy, engaged, and motivated. Executive meetings and retreats can help get your company on the right path toward successful business development, organizational planning, and goal setting. To keep new and creative ideas flowing during these meetings, consider breaking out of the board room and hosting at a space that helps foster innovation and efficiency.

3. Product Launches

If you’re looking to release a new product, you might consider holding a launch event to showcase your latest invention. It’ll give you the chance to thank key stakeholders, boost your marketing and advertising campaigns, and get consumers excited. Launch events typically alert the media to the buzz surrounding your product and range in style from flashy and formal to relaxed and casual. With that in mind, you’ll want to host at an equally versatile venue.

large group of people having fun outside

4. Appreciation Events

Showing your team just how much you appreciate them is a great way to boost morale and keep your workforce motivated. Typically, these gatherings step outside of formal roles and rigid structures that can sometimes be present at other kinds of corporate events. Instead, they focus on building genuine connections, showcasing stand-out employees, and strengthening your corporate culture. A day full of farm-fresh foods, exciting activities, and thoughtfully planned team-building exercises is a great way to demonstrate just how much you care for your employees.

5. Company Milestones

Be it an anniversary event or the celebration of a well-struck deal, getting your employees and stakeholders to celebrate company milestones is a great way to showcase your success. Similar in nature to appreciation events, a milestone party is a great way to keep everyone engaged and motivated toward future achievements.

6. Team-Building

Team-building events are designed to strengthen corporate culture, create stronger bonds between employees, and improve communication and collaboration. Additionally, engaged employees help their organizations bring in nearly double the annual net income of those that are less engaged. Among other benefits, team-building activities help employees and managers:

  • Be creative
  • Feel more comfortable together
  • Recognize leaders
  • Discover talents
  • Boost energy
  • Meet others within the organization

Port Farms offers a wide range of team-building activities on location, including giant slide races, relay races, tug-o-war, and more.

several people seated at a table in front of notebooks

Choose Port Farms for Your Next Corporate Event

To show how much you value your employees, customers, and other stakeholders, consider taking a trip outside the confines of boardrooms and office buildings and into a thoughtful, well-planned day of engagement. At Port Farms, our temperature-controlled barn has audiovisual capabilities, space to host full-group or breakout sessions, and a robust package of team-building activities that can help your team feel bonded and connected.

Stay for a few hours or join us for the entire day. We offer several packages to best meet your needs, including farm-fresh meals and specially planned add-on activities. No matter your goals, we have what you need to strengthen your corporate culture, improve employee engagement, and keep you and your team geared up for success.

If you’re ready to start planning your next big success, contact Port Farms today!