Port Farms

In 1897, Jerry Port’s ancestors built a house and began tilling soil just outside Waterford, Pennsylvania. This land has sustained four generations and over a century of the Port family – helping to feed northwest Pennsylvania through potatoes and various field crops.

Jerry and Kelly Port’s goal upon taking over operations was to continue the tradition that has been the heart of Port Farms since its inception while advancing the farm into a new era.

In 2002, however, as they discussed farming and food production with a classroom of local school children, they realized exactly how to fulfill this goal. Jerry and Kelly transformed Port Farms in 2003 to an outdoor education classroom and recreation area, assisting local families to understand where food comes from while having fun, enjoying the fall and winter seasons, and providing quality pumpkins, Christmas trees, and other seasonal fare.

Port Farms has grown immensely in the last 18 years.

We added a wedding venue,corporate event venue as well as live concerts and the newly added Flower Festival bringing the next generation into the business through Casey and Stephen Port, and more while still operating a working farm and not only maintaining their heritage, but offering the opportunity for the region to create their own traditions during their visit.

Port Farms has become so much more than its founders dreamed it could be in 1897.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our fall and winter activities and make you a part of the Port Farms family.