Red map marker on a map surrounded by various traveling items.

Energize Your Instagram This New Year: Best Photo Locations in Erie, PA

To make the most of your Instagram this upcoming year, Port Farms has created a list of the best photo locations in Erie, PA. ...
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Fir tree branch with needles

Are Real or Fake Trees Better for the Environment?

Port Farms explores the impact of artificial and farm-grown trees to determine which is the more sustainable choice. ...
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Two children playing in the fall leaves.

6 Family-Friendly 2021 Fall Activities in Erie, Pennsylvania

To make the most of this magical season, Port Farms jotted down a list of six family-friendly fall activities to do in Erie, PA this season. ...
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Students waving out the windows of a school bus.

7 Field Trip Ideas In Erie, PA

From exploring state parks and museums to visiting farms and zoos, Port Farms has listed seven locations you can check out for your next field trip in Erie, PA! ...
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A woman participating in Port Farms's fun activities.

14 Things To Do In Erie, PA

Whether you're here to find some family fun, party with your friends, or a mix of both, Port Farms is highlighting 14 things to do in Erie, PA. ...
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4 Things To Do With Pumpkins

Are you looking for ways to use your pumpkins for something other than jack-o'-lanterns? Here are four fabulous things to do with pumpkins. ...
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A child being pulled in a small wagon on a farm.

8 Events You Can Host at a Farm

From weddings and baby showers to corporate events and luncheon meetings, Port Farms lists eight events you can host at a farm. ...
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A group of coworkers participating in outdoor team-building activities.

Get Back to Nature With Your Next Corporate Event Venue

Port Farms highlights the importance of team-building activities and identifies why it’s valuable to host corporate events in an outdoor setting. ...
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Two farmers working in a field.

5 Ways to Support Small Farms and What It Means for the Local Economy

Port Farms looks at the current landscape of local agriculture and provides ways for people to support small farms. ...
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