Image courtesy of Katie Mihalak Photography

As a venue who has hosted weddings for more than 10 years, we have learned that one of the biggest priorities couples have for their big day is photography. Pictures are a great way to capture the moment and remember the day spent celebrating your marriage. As wedding season begins, here are some intimate photo ideas to ask your photographer and guests to take during your big day. 

Sparkler Send-Off 
Photo: (Molly Peach)

After a wonderful day spent with family and friends, a great send-off helps to capture the night perfectly. Once the party is coming to an end, have your event planner or photographer ask your guests to line up alongside a walkway. Have sparklers available for guests to use. Once they are lit, take the magical walk through the sparkler tunnel with your spouse! Nighttime photos like this help contrast a wedding dress while capturing the emotion of the night. This picture idea is authentic, beautiful, and easy to organize. 

Last Dance
Photo: Pinterest

A first dance is a typical tradition done by most couples at their reception, but a last dance is a time for the couple to enjoy the night one last time before they leave the venue. This photo op would be great to be captured in private (possibly during the time the guests are lining up for the Sparkler Send-Off). This is the perfect time to start winding down after an eventful day and share a special moment with your new spouse.  

Disposable Camera Pictures 

A fun way to capture intimate and candid pictures of your day is to have your guests get involved in the photo taking process. You can provide disposable cameras on each table. This will encourage guests to take pictures of themselves and others enjoying the party without overwhelming your photographer. These pictures have a more vintage feel and are perfect to fill a picture-book with authentic, in-the-moment photos. 

Creating a Wedding Hashtag 

We love the idea of having wedding guests being involved in the picture taking process. If disposable cameras aren’t something you’re interested in or maybe not in the budget, why not encourage your guests to contribute to the photo album in another way. Creating a wedding hashtag gives guests a fun way to showcase the behind the scenes and candid moments they enjoyed on your special day. You could post a sign at the door, on tables or even on your invite with the hashtag to use. This is also a special way to look back on memories digitally in years to come.  

Capturing your special day with fun photos doesn’t have to be costly or stressful. We encourage you to talk to your wedding venue and photographer for photo ideas as they have worked with many couples and can give some great insight into photo ideas.