Image courtesy from Instagram @Cerlyanna

As our Summer Days season approaches and the flowers begin to bloom, we have been thinking about tips to help guests to take the perfect Instagram photos. The pictures of people surrounded by flowers are often the ones saved to our Pinterest picture inspo board. You may wonder how to take a beautiful photo like the ones you see when scrolling on social media. The truth is, these photos aren’t hard to achieve. We have a few tips and posing ideas that can help you take the perfect picture during Summer Days at Port Farms. 

Photo: Instagram @Carrie713

One of our favorite things about Summer Days is seeing everyone arrive in their cute outfits. We think picking an outfit that allows for some movement makes for great photos while walking through the sunflowers, zinnias and cosmos. For some inspiration, think of what you’d wear if you were starring in Taylor Swift’s “Today Was A Fairytale” music video. 

Photo: Instagram @Shanifr

Lighting is very important when taking photos, especially when outside in the sun. No one likes squinting in photos because of the sun. One way you can use this to your advantage is by using your hand or hat to block the sun from your face. This pose allows a beautiful contrast of shadows and highlights while having your body turned toward the sun for better lighting. This also gives that less posed look to your photo.  

Photo: Instagram @Theprissyrissy

Twirling in a dress, skirt or other flowy clothing creates gorgeous movement for your picture. Having your hair down and twirling around also gives that organic, whimsical movement we love to see in photos. If you’re taking photos on an iPhone, one tip we have is to make sure you have the live photo option on before you snap your picture. This ensures you can adjust the image to be exactly the right frame of movement. 

Photo: Instagram @J.bre

Props don’t have to be something that takes away from your photo. They can be something to help elevate and make it unique. For example, when taking pictures in a flower field, you could bring a small basket, pick a flower, or bring a hat to hold. At Port Farms, we have props such as over sized chairs, benches, a wagon, a life-size picture frame and a bathtub nestled in the flowers that can help give your picture that extra wow factor. 

Photo: Instagram @Happylifeblogspot

When taking pictures in the flowers, try one pose standing, kneeling or sitting behind a row of flowers. Changing up the angle of your typical picture can help you create the perfect photo. You can also try things like adjusting your phone/camera height and angle, as well as change where you are looking in the photo. This pose gives a fun, new perspective to your photo. 

Photo: Instagram @cerlyanna

What better way to spend your time in the flower fields this summer than with a friend? Don’t forget to take a picture together before the day is over. Some fun poses we recommend include holding hands or a prop and slowly walking. You could even have one person look back towards the camera. The best pictures of pairs tend to be ones with some movement. Don’t be afraid to take a lap around the field with your bestie.  

Port Farms Summer Days is the perfect place to plan a fun photo shoot with your friends and family! If you want to bring your camera or phone to take your own pictures, farm admission will get you in. If you’d like to bring a professional photographer with you for a session, we ask that you or your photographer contact the farm ahead of time to make arrangements. Admission is required for all guests over the age of two. Every admission tickets gets you a u-pick bloom to take home (or you can upgrade to one of our bundles). We hope to see you this summer!