An off-site company event can be a way to treat your employees to a fun day out of the office, create stronger relationships with coworkers, and even improve overall morale. Planning this type of event doesn’t have to be stressful. Port Farms has been helping companies plan outings for many years. Check out these tips on how to best plan your next work event. 

Planning Objectives  

When you begin planning, you should start with the main questions: who, what, where, when, and why. What is the overall goal of your outing? Should this be a relaxing retreat? Is this an offsite work meeting in a new space to help inspire your team? Will there be team building activities? Is this a picnic that employee’s families are invited to? Establishing the overall objective of your retreat will help with planning.  

Another important item when you begin planning is your budget. Establishing your budget early on will help you narrow down choices such as your venue options, food, and other important decisions. 

Picking a Venue 

Next to deciding an overall budget, picking where to host your event is probably the biggest decision you will have to make. The venue sets the overall mood for your outing. Some things to consider when picking a venue include: 

  • Is the date you’d like available? 
  • Does the venue offer everything you are looking for? 
  • Is the space indoors or outdoors (will weather be an issue)?
  • What is the capacity, and will the space accommodate your group? 
  • Does the venue offer internet, sound system, food, etcetera? 
  • Is there easy access to parking for your group? 

Once you have your venue secured, you can begin planning what type of activities you will have on the day of your event.  

Team Building Activities

Are you looking for something to help unify your team? At Port Farms, we offer various team building activities to enjoy during your retreat. These types of activities can help boost team morale, showcase different skills, break down barriers, help your team bond, and build trust. They can also assist your group while navigating challenges together, in turn bringing everyone closer. 

At Port Farms we understand the stress that can come along with an event like this. When helping our customers plan events, we try to make the process as easy as possible whether they are hosting a work session, company picnic, or other type of event. We are flexible with our offerings, and cater to any type of event that you are looking to plan. Our experienced team can help you create the perfect event for your employees to enjoy! Want to learn more about what the farm offers? You can email or fill out this form for more info.